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Corporate Chair Massage

Mission Statement
We are here to transform the atmosphere and culture of every Company we service!

Looking for a way to get more production out of your team or just thank them for their hours of hard work that they've put in? When your team is feeling their best both mentally and physically, they perform better and are more productive. We will effectively create a positive productive atmosphere in relatively short amount of time. We offer a way for Companies to actively invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff. We are passionate about bringing health and wellness to progressive companies that appreciate their team. We feel that alot of companies would love to keep
staff as healthy as possible just haven’t had anyone present them with a feasible way. Providing your
staff with chair massage a few times a month will raise morale, relationships, productivity, and
overall atmosphere of the work environment engulfing it with positive energy.
Think about your team sitting at their work station with their shoulders raised up to their ears or the team member thats doing work that is physical involving standing, lifting, pushing,
or pulling for multiple hours a day multiple day a week. Now Imagine your team receiving a 
massage and how much it would contribute to a healthier work environment.

Our goals is to transform every work environment that we enter. Researched has proven that massage is
effective in improving all areas of health by reducing stress and increasing circulation. Researched has also proven
that the better we feel the better we are at communicating and completing task.

  •  Improve Health of staff/customers
  •  Create a more harmonious work environment for everybody
  •  Improve Productivity
  •  Improve work/business Relationships
  •  Raise Morale within the company

Each Massage Therapist Can Massage about 10people within a 2hr timeframe (10mins per person with 2min between each
person for cleanup and reset). Special rates apply to those who book for 3,6, and 12 months which consist of us visiting 2x-4x
a month.
1 L.M.T + 2hrs = $250 (covers about 10 people)
2 L.M.T + 2hrs = $440 (covers about 20 people)

We measure progress by taking a short survey at the start and end of our time at said location. To see
great results in shorter timeframe we encourage that sessions be frequent and consistent for 3 months at
least 2x-4x a month.

We love would to work with you bringing healing to your work place!


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