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Natural Health Club

Natural Health Club

Thank you and welcome to the Natural Health Club! Are you ready
to heal holistically? Body, Mind, and Spirit will all be addressed in this program because healing is more than
physical. We put this CLUB together to Create a healing plan for those who want to regain their health and/or maintain it. This will be a journey that we embark upon together. Healing happens on and off the table.

Club Perks Includes
1. Consultation (Introduction,Evaluation,Healing Plan)
2. 60 Min Therapeutic or Medical Massage (monthly)
3. Support System (We are with you on this journey)
4. Access To A Wealth Of Information On Healing (If We don’t Know
we’ll find Out for you)
5. Weekly Emails (Direct Quotes From Us For Healing, Elevation,
Motivation and Inspiration)
6. Membership Rates On Everything (Upgrades, Additional Time on
Services, Gift Cards ect,)
7. After every 3 months of loyalty to the Club
You'll Receive a 30min credit that you can save or use how you


Terms & Conditions
Club Membership must be upheld for 3 months to avoid early cancellation fee of
49.99. Monthly 60min massages must be redeemed within that month they do not roll over. Your member can be paused without cancelation after 3 months if needed you will still receive Weekly emails and access to support system.

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