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Massage Therapy is an investment in our overall health and wellbeing. We provide Therapeutic and Medical massage both ultimately achieve the same goal which is to promote healing and recovery. Therapeutic Massage is more of a relaxing stress reducing style of massage. In a Therapeutic Massage session the focused is to bring you to state of pure relaxation from the daily stressors of life! Medical Massage would be for those looking to have their Chronic Acute Pain reduced and overall mobilty increased. In a Medical Massage session the focus is direct pressure on attachment points of muscles groups and other connectives tissue to release as well as activate them. Medical massage is a style of treatment to counter years of neglect and bad posture so it will take more that one or two session to fully correct imbalances. Mobile sessions are available.


 We service residential as well as corporate events with Chair Massage on-site. We service just about any event. Events that require 2+ therapist (each therapist can Massage about 10 people for 10mins within 2hr time frame) should be booked at least 3-4weeks in advance and a deposit is required. We also offer Packages of 4 or more massages. With a package you can choose to use them all yourself or gift them to others. 



Chair Massage$25 / 15 minutes
Chair Massage$250 / 120 minutes
Medical Massage$90 / 60 minutes
Medical Massage$125 / 90 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$90 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$115 / 90 minutes
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